Our planner has tons of science and common sense packed into it like Mary Poppins' purse. Instead of letting you drink in all 23 flavors (because the cosmos would implode), we will reveal our favorite ones to wet your whistle. 

  • Smaller size = more portable.  People simply use things they always have on hand, just ask your phone. 
  • A ringed binding for a pen holder. Aside from those visions of late night college essays we'd try to make look professional at 4 AM, the spiral is super convenient for a handy-dandy notebook. 
  • Only 7 tasks a day. Let's face it, if God only did one thing a day for 7 days, what makes you think you can do more than 7 things in one day. Our goal is getting things done, not giving ourselves more things to do. 
  • Be grateful for something every day. Yes, it IS annoying when a kid takes the last scoop of ice cream, BUT let's be grateful we are adults and can just go buy another. 
  • Repeat your weekly goal everyday. Humans are forgetful. Just try and remember the last time you drank water. Write the goal down, rinse, and repeat. 
  • Write your own quote down each week. Stand on the shoulders of giants and quote your favorite human, robot, or Instagram influencer.  Writing it down just once a week gives it real meaning. 
  • We can accomplish most anything in 12 weeks.  That's all you get (plus 2 extra weeks... you're welcome). Track your progress and seize the day/12-week-period!